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? Please contact me by e mail. we look after each other.-profit hospitals use for themselves. If we focus on the seemingly absurdly high charges for many procedures, we’ll also miss the obvious solution: Medicare should negotiate more aggressively with the pharmaceutical companies. As a start, the government could agree to purchase its prescription drugs only from drug companies that have pricing policies that are more like those of public hospitals. That would help bring the cost of medications down, while providing the drugs more of the same convenience we get from our local doctor’s office. The increasing costs of health care are a universal phenomenon, the costs borne by businesses and individuals alike. The costs of providing health care will get so high that they become a drag on the economy, as the rising costs of drugs, insurance premiums, and insurance deductibles make it harder to expand and improve the nation’s output. We don’t have to stand by and let this happen. There are alternatives, though many of them are a political non-starter. A more effective solution would be to demand that drug companies drop their prices. But that’s not going to happen until pharmaceutical companies realize that their profit is under attack from policy makers and voters alike, and that they need to start competing for market share against more nimble private hospitals that have no fear of market punishment. Free-market solutions are a tough sell, though. There’s a reason why the private sector has been so unwilling to compete aggressively with the government. The problem isn’t necessarily “the government”—it’s the fact that we have a government that is largely unaccountable, and that seems unable to exercise its authority in a disciplined way. The government is much better at throwing money at a problem, and then waiting for the private sector to come up with a solution. This kind of government gets results. It has helped make us safe from terrorism, it has supported our efforts to contain the AIDS epidemic, and it has helped out businesses like New England Patriots who didn’t want to face down the New England Sports Network in a testy trademark dispute. It isn’t perfect, but it gets results. Health care? Not so much. The government spends billions on health care, but it struggles to deliver and manage services that are more important to people’s well-being and livelihood than military aid to the Middle East, or aid for famine



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Case Study Fabrics And Fall Fashions Solution Rapidshare

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